Friday, April 10, 2009

Molly and the Great Easter Egg Hunt!

Molly had a great time at our church Easter egg hunt! She had her nose painted like a bunny, decorated and devoured and egg shaped cookie, and she got to to meet the Easter bunny! I will say her favorite part was probably the egg hunt. At first she picked up one egg at a time put them in the bag and then put them back on the ground. Then she figured out that she could leave them in the bag and collect more eggs. After she collected all the eggs in her little corner she walked over to Riley and started piling all his eggs in his lap. She was just trying to be helpful :)

Molly's favorite place to be in outside!
Mommy and Molly. Molly always seems to be on a table.

She found her first Hershey Kiss. Needless to say she love it!

Molly with Daddy and The Easter Bunny!

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